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GB Postal History & Postal Publicity

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GB Postal History & Postal Publicity

Table display folders ( see the first image above and see the QE2 postal history and Postal Stationery folders ( Slideshow) below)

     □ QV- Kings Postal History

    Pre-decimal QE2 Postal History incl. Commems & Regionasls

    Decimal Postal History incl Regionals, Horizon labels & Post & Go

    Postal Stationery – QV-QE mint and used.

    Post & Go. Maxi-cards/PHQ / Packs and FDCs

Table                                    Post -Lockdown Clearance boxes

    1960s Castle high value tags

    Postage due covers

    Cut-Out postal stationery incl PO & STO

    Batches of QV postal history ( 2 )

    Batches of Kings postal history

Behind the counter   ( the second, third and fourth mages above)

 Files of
Postal history -divided by dates 1952-80  incl Inland , Overseas. Premium services

1980s postal history

1990s postal history

2000s postal history

Scotland regional stamp  postal history

Wales regional stamp  postal history

Northern Ireland, England , IOM & CI regional stamp postal history

BOXES of Postal History for

Behind the counter




1990s- more recent items

  • Postal Stationery
  • Misc PHQ cards, Maxicards, Packs etc

Postal Stationery

Behind the counter

Selection of Stationery - Envelopes , Postcards & Wrappers (Files)

Publicity posters & Press releases  ( Files )

Stamped to Order in Airletters 1950s-70s  ( File )

Box of oversized items

Post Office Publicity

Post Office posters / Press photographs / Press Releases

behind the counter- files of

    Machin definitives

    Postal Rates


    Prestige booklets

    Stitched & Folded booklets

    Greetings booklets

    Barcode booklet

Pre-decimal Commems: posters and press photographs

Airletters Pre-decimal & Decimal

Post & Go stamps

Behind the counter

Post & Go --Generics –( Machin Union flag Poppy Robins)

Post & Go - Birds, Farm Animals, Fresh water, Flowers etc

Post & Go: International & National Exhib,

.Post & Go Postal Museum & Forces

MAXI-cards & PHQ Cards

Behind the counter

File of earlier items

□ Box of PHQ postcard booklets, Greetings & D series

All Subject unsold.

A larger selection of nearly 2000 items

are currently for sale on

Seller “gbpopos”

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48 hours in advance.**

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due to COVID restrictions on the day,

it is advisable to message me before the event

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Scans can be sent ahead.

Purchases can be made on the day or postally.

I look forward to welcoming friends .old and new.

Paul Jones

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Decimal Postal History

QE2  Pre-Decimal Postal History

Postal Stationery


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Items are for sale now. Email to reserve items or pay for them and have them posted.

The display folders contain the narrower envelopes , the large DL sized envelopes are in the A4 files and boxes. A few 100 to see at the fair.

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 Are you looking for something different ?

 .......looking to enhance your Collection ?

................wanting more than just the stamps

..........................willing to share information


     Then you may have come to the right place !

   I have been accumulating Post Office posters for over 39 years and  many people have asked me to  list  them all.  My initial response is that there must be thousands of items and where do I start.  Well here is the start after 14 years I have added over 1000 A4 sized images and calculate that I have another 1000 images of larger posters to add.

I intend to start by listing the A4 sized posters that appear in the Post Office counter screens. These posters are commonly referred to as "grill" or "grille" cards. They can cover any of the Post Office products or services, so I will focus on the commemerative stamps, definitive stamps, booklets and postal rates. Then move onto the dealer's and overseas agents products.

It is not going to be possible to scan every item and catalogue it, so in the first instance I will deal with each section as a web-page and give examples of some of the items produced, a list of posters and illustrate a percentage of them. Fortunately the Post Office has given most posters a reference number, making the task slightly easier.

If you have any information to share, points to raise or items that you would like to see on this web-site , then please let me know.

 Paul Jones                    

Contact   via email at

Two new images in one day !

approx. A3 poster ( unable to read the PRD number)


       Is this where it all began ?


London 1963


PRD 1426

Thick cardboard. Stand up size approx 8"x10"

The figure of the man is loose of the background blue panel

hence the reason he is in focus and the rest of the image is not.

See the A3 version below left.


 More internal posters come on the market and an early example of the 2005 Trafalgar example is shown below. The left margin reads "Internal". Exampes have been seen going back to 1999.


Numbering system for posters

 Where the Post Office has already used a reference number for a poster

this will be used in the listing. The prefix ( eg PRD, PL(P), RMS etc) will be quoted

along with the number and any code letter ( ie a,b,c...)  Where there are forward slashes and

information relating to size ( A4, A3 etc) and date ( ie 10/84 ),this will be omiited for simplicity.

 Where no reference number is given then the date of issue or start of service will be used, this particularly related to the Internal Posters in use since the late 1990s and currently still being issued.